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The Innovative Learning Center at LUH allows for associates to be better trained, prepared and practiced in everything from birthing situations to radiology technology to basic nursing skills and more. The Innovative Learning Center is used for local high school students and EMS and EMT teams... More

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Providing tuition assistance to those pursuing their dream of service to others.

The Longmont United Hospital Foundation awards merit-based scholarships to students pursuing degrees for BSN, MSN, Physical Therapy D, Medical Technologist, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistants, Health and Medical Support and Nurse Practitioners. Awards are given for tuition assistance only and applicants must be accepted or enrolled in the healthcare program in their field of study.

301 Scholarships awarded to 191 recipients totaling $783,213

Elevations Credit Union (2)

Dr. Harry Wherry Memorial

Howard & Alice Hess Memorial

Ray Lanyon Fund

Al Straub Memorial

MaryBeth Driscoll Memorial

Launch (Summer Youth Program) Scholarship

Applications will be due September 21, 2018 for programs beginning January 2019 semester.  . Email LUHFoundation@centura.org details and application.


"Thank you so much for the support the LUH Foundation provided throughout my BSN program! The scholarship funds allowed me to complete the program months ahead of schedule and alleviate financial strain throughout. Furthermore, the continued support of the LUH Foundation has allowed me to set a course directly into an MSN program, which I never thought would have been possible just a couple years ago. Thank you for being such a huge part of continued professional development at Longmont United Hospital." Jason Holland