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Longmont United Hospital

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The Longmont United Hospital Foundation is dedicated exclusively to supporting healthcare services and associates at Longmont United Hospital through philanthropy. The goal of the Foundation is to help ensure that Longmont United Hospital will have the best possible facilities and equipment to help you and your loved ones when medical care is needed. Your tax deductible gifts help us achieve this important mission.

All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS.

Focus on Leading

Heritage Society

We accord our highest honor to these benevolent friends whose foresight, belief in our mission and generosity have created a legacy of philanthropy. They have touched many lives with the magnitude of their gifts, which will live on in perpetuity.

Mamie Lucille Fry 1900-19886 Noland Fry 1899-1983

Edith H. Throndson 1908 - 1991

Milton H. Nelson 1915 - 1999 Helen C. Nelson

Stella McFadden 1891- 1984

Arthur Salberg Richard & Anne Salberg

The Kanemoto Families

Kenneth E. Pratt 1941- 1995 Susan M. Pratt

Dr. David W. & Frances McCarty & Family

Constance E. Dollaghan Michael D. Dollaghan

William L. Boettcher Shirley "Anne" Boettcher

Lewis Julius Nelson 1917 - 2005 Jean Fonda Nelson 1919 -2003

The L.B. Eleanor Flanders Family

Harvey Yoakum Carol Oswald Yoakum

B. D. Dale Deford 1903 -1996

Elbert Clyde Hubbard 1929-1998 Blanchie Hume Hubbard1920 -2002

F. Elizabeth Mosher 1907 - 1987

Alfred L. Straub 1913- 1994

Marjorie E. Large 1906 - 1998

Donald O. Inman CLU (dates) Wilde Hamm Inman

Lifetime Members

Humanitarian $500,000 - $999,999

Michael & Constance Dollaghan

Marjorie E. Large

Longmont United Hospital Foundation

Edith Throndson Estate

Longmont United Hospital Volunteers

Elizabeth Mosher Estate

Founders $250,000 -$499,999

Lewis and Jean Nelson

Ken & Susan Pratt

Alfred Straub

Don & Wilda Inman

Stella McFadden Estate

Investors $100,000 - $249,999

Avery & Mildred Caldwell Family

Blanchie M. Hubbard

Rocky Mountain Medical Imaging

B.D. Dale DeFord Estate

Longs Peak Emergency Physicians

Noland & Mamie Fry

Dr. David & Frances McCarty Family

Guaranty Bank

Helen C. Nelson & Family

Patrons $50,000 - $ 99,999

Rowena M. Ashton Estate

Lynn & Clark Fund

Harry D. Jones Estate

Arthur Salberg, Richard & Anne Salberg

Charles P. & Gretchen H. Beal

Joe & Fannie Cook

The Kanemoto Families

Donald & Joyce Sherwood
Bill & Anne Boettcher

Flanders Foundation, Inc.

Ray and Elise Lanyon Fund

Dwight & Vernie Sullivan

Rex & Wilma Carnes

Gerald & Harriet Golter

Longmont Surgery Center LLC

Mitchell & Patricia Carson

Alice & Howard Hess

Kent & Jane Nelson

Sponsors $20,000 - $49,999


Bryan & Beth Bowles

The Dworak Family

Richard & Emma Alice Hamm

Kiteley Family

Helen E. Nelson Estate

Stear Family Foundation

Bank of the West

Elevations Credit Union - In Honor of Bill & Muriel Harrison Cole & Mildred Kugel

Preferred Electric, Inc

United Power

Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Benson

Carol Coburn Family

Engineering Economics, Inc.

Kurt Heisler Estate

Longmont Lions Club

Sharon Rominger

VHA Foundation

Neil Bertrand

Concepts Direct, Inc.

FirstBank of Longmont

Becky Herman

Model of Longmont

Dr. Samuel & Janet Smith

Wells Fargo Bank

Frank & Andrea Bigelow

Jerri Lynn Modrall & Eric Doering

HLM Design

KCI Construction Inc

The Neenan Company

Rubye Stegemann Trust

Tony & Al Yeager
Harold Lozinski

LUH Volunteers

Supports $10,000 - $19,999

Arthritis Foundation

Richard E. Davis Family

First National Bank of Colorado

Ken & Liana Huey

Edward & Ruth G Lehman

Packing Resources, Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Rupp

Jan T. Sorensson Family

Valley Nissan

Brice & Karen Bender

Nancy & Matthew Driscoll

Dan & Kathy Frank


Josie Mares

Tanya & Scott Pawelski

Mildred Sarchet

Dr. Russell Stacy

ValleyLab Inc

Braconier Plumbing & He Griemating Company

Charles & Mabel During


Helen K. Arthur E. Johnson Foundation

Robert & Leona Moore Family

Connie Porter Memorial Golf Tournament

Vince & Mariene Shryack

Shirley & Don Stanoscheck

Vectra Bank

Bernice Bullard

William J. Edward Estate

Ferrin & Evelyn Harsch

Warren Laughlin

The David Nelson Family

Cordell & Shirley Richardson

Carol Smith

Walter E. "Wallie" Strippgen

Donna & Rollin Yates

David & Gladys Casem Family

Drs. Bruce & Helen Fickel

Dr. Peter B. & Nancy Holt

Capt. Lee & Virginia Lawson

Lawrence & Margaret Nelson

Dr. C. L. & Nancy Rowley

Emil & Donna Sokol

Esther M. Tracey Estate

Mary Hounder

Donald & Wilda Imman

Gary Jackson

Diane Jodzio

Joan Jolie

Alice Joyce

Andrew & Ann Keller

Colleen Keller

Vicki Kirk

Tim Long

Dolores MacDonald

Claudia Maciuk

Eileen Maddox

Jennifer Manuel

Amanda McCarthy Memorial

Mona McCarthy

Carole McManus

Carol McNamara

Mary Lou Messenger

Mary Miklauz

Jeanne Moore

Judith Mulhall

Eric C. & Jennifer Nelson

Dianna Norris

Mary Odrzywolski

Cindy O'Hare

Jean Pazour

Karin Peters

Jeanette Philips

Laetitia Richman

Pat Rositer

Bonnie Rowand

Darlene Savage

Karen Schlarb

Carol Sears

Irene Siebert

Robert Smith

Patty Sosa

Richard Spears

Jean Swearingen

Tracy Taylor

Linda Thompson

Debra Weigold

Dorothy White

Kathleen Winkler Memorial

Tracy Wojick

Catherine Wright Donna Yates

Capital Campaigns

Hope Cancer Care Center $1.65 million

Patient Bed Tower $2.6 million

Emergency Department $1.8 million

Designated Fund Gifts

Hope Cancer Care Center

Colon Cancer Support Group

Artwork to complete renovation

Eye Guards

Health Ambitions


Weight training equipment

Health Ambitions Scholarship


Walk to Remember


Palliative Care Training

Taize Supplies

Speaker Stipend


Pool Party for Therapy Dogs

LUV Jr. Volunteer Scholarships


IPads, Apps and Accessories

Diabetes, Education Books

Physical Therapy

LED Television

Indian Peaks Medical Center

Community Garden

Diagnostic Imaging

Mammography Staff Training


NTI and Planetree Assistance Grants

Human Resources

Employee Assistance Grants

Health Care for Integrated Therapies

Speaker for Education Seminar

Oncology Massage Scholarships

Homestead Adult Day Program

Cds & DVDs

TV & VHS/CD Player


2 Sleep Number Beds for Sleep Lab

Ultrasound Chair

Vapo Therm Unit